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Thuy Nguyen

He has been in the U.S. since July 13, 1993. He is single.

As soon as the Communists took over South Vietnam, they sent many of the educated people to the jungle as prisoners. They ordered us to plow by human power and build cottages with mud and straw. They handcuffed and legcuffed all of us like animals and forced us to earn a living by hard labor.

 In the cities, doctors had to clean restrooms and engineers became laborers in factories. At the same time, they put hospital guards in hospital manager positions and janitorial workers with third grade educations became top executives of pharmaceutical companies. They were like five-year-old children misbehaving the moment their parents left the house. They played with knives and matches while declaring that Communism is the climax of the human mind.

 After fifteen years they had made Vietnam one of the poorest nations in the world. Ashamed of their previous lies and inabilities, the Viet Cong agreed to allow all of their ex-political prisoners to leave Vietnam in the Human Operations (H.O.) program.